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Initial Tooth Fairy Pouch - Grey P Black

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    Item is ready made and ready to be sent.

    This unique Tooth Fairy Pouch holds everything that you need to create a magical moment when your child loses their first teeth and beyond.

    The Initial colour will automatically be as pictured.

    When the Tooth Fairy has visited, the Pouch creates a stylish decor item that can be displayed inbetween visits.  

    Warning.  Finished item contains small parts which may pose as a choking hazard if it becomes detached.  Please ensure that they are kept out of reach from children for their safety. This is not a toy and is for decoration only.  Check item regularly to make sure any small parts remain securely attached so that children are safe from choking hazards.  Please contact us for more information and report any items which do not meet safety requirements to us immediately.