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Blu Tack One Strip in Blue/Gray - Optional Add On

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Our Wall Decals© are designed with a unique backing method © which has been exclusively designed to allow ease of use.   They DO NOT include adhesive, since the final use is out of our control.

If your chosen method is Blu Tack you may add this on as an option to your purchase if you feel this would work well for your final use and is safe on your walls.

This listing is for ONE STRIP of Blu Tack, since this would be all that would be required for a set of 6 Butterflies.  If you require more please increase your quantity accordingly.  

Always make sure our Safety Warning is followed for positioning in a safe manor away from the reach of children, and away from a baby/child’s sleeping space in-case of detachment.

For Blu Tack Users
-Make a blob by tearing off a piece enough to fit onto the backing disc
-Pull and stretch into a ball and firstly apply to backing disc
-Attach securely to surface
-To remove, gently peel from one side to the other until removed from surface
-DO NOT pull off abruptly
-On some surfaces Blu Tack may leave a faint oily mark but this can be removed
by using a citrus based stain remover safe for your surface

As Blu Tack tends to stick quite well onto some walls, please be careful and do not rip off quickly from the wall.  Instead, peel away slowly and smoothly from one side to another until it is all peeled off.  Abrupt detachment may cause your paint to peel away or the backing of the butterfly to detach.