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After an amazing 2019 opening in February, together with the beginning of our wholesale venture, we were not embracing for what would come next!   Can you please pinch me again!?

I will touch on that at a later stage in blog form, when i am able to sit and reflect properly on how blessed we have been to have caught the eye of a certain someone.  We truly believe the universe put our flutters infront of this beautiful soul at a time when our business and personal life had met a crossroad.  I am so thankful for the opportunities that have been presented after working so hard over so many years.  But yes, it has been a whirlwind ever since.

We are now constantly inundated with unexpected high demand for our product, and have had to work on limiting our product offering and introducing ranges of Pre Order Packs which are currently mostly sold out within minutes of their release.  Certain popular packs which have also been proven to sell out within the minute.  Yes, Brazen and Sassy, im talking about you!  Dont worry they will be back, but, never for long, so get your notifications and clicky fingers ready for their next releases.  

Currently, the team and I at LCC are working on more effective ways to work to increase our production intake and bring our leadtime back to a more realistic timeframe.  This is a slow process, as we do not want to comprimise our quality or jepordise any current orders in the meantime.  New on trend packs, designs and exciting new products are always also on the horizon.

We have been able to work with more stockists to bring you your favourite, seasonal and exclusive packs to retailers allover the world.  We will add a list of suppliers to our webstore soon.  For more information or, for an information pack to become a stockist, please contact us via email

Yet again, thanks for your support and patience over these busy days, weeks, months and year.  We appreciate your patience in waiting to secure your order, and promise that they are worth the wait.

Love and Flutters,

Anastasia xx