About Us

Hello and welcome to Little Custom Creations

Little Custom Creations was born in 2013, in the same year as my youngest son.  While on maternity leave from my then design role I longed for some type of creative outlet to break up the routine of everyday life.

Ever since i was young i have been around fine workmanship. My father is one of the few European tailors left and i have been very lucky to have had him influence me to the love of sewing and to be around such intricate handwork. Mum also always gave us many crafty opportunities when my sister and I were young.  

Little Custom Creations has been through many metamorphosis, with a varitey of unique products brought to life that have been loved by hundereds of customers worldwide.  The most well recognized is that of our Butterfly Range which includes Butterfly Wall Decals©,  Butterfly Cushions© to name the most iconic.  

In 2019 we began our Wholesale offering, and also became recognized dramatically overnight when Khloe Kardashian shared us to her world.  We are truly blessed to have so many beautiful customers from all around the world, some, longtime supporters and some of you just finding out about our world.

I believe the market is flooded with like for like products and aim to always ensure that any item we release is unique and perfectly designed before releasing.

Thankyou for your interest in the insight of Little Custom Creations and for your support.

Flutters of Love,

Anastasia x